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Philip Fretwell, Architect, AIA
U.S. Army Aviation Museum
Ft. Rucker, Alabama
Central High, Chattanooga
Central High, Chattanooga
Central High, Chattanooga
Lanier House, Tuskegee
Good Architecture blends the personality of
the client, the purpose of the building, and the
place.  Blending with the environment is so
important.  You cannot put a coastal house on
a mountaintop.

The U.S. Army Aviation Museum is a place
mainly for displaying historical helicopters.  
The helicopters, made of metal and glass, are
displayed in a museum building designed on
the same theme.

Central High School, a collection of
classroom pods, visually comes together
through the unifying element of the roof,
which also provides a shelter for school bus
loading and unloading.

Lanier House is a house on a hillside over-
looking a lake.  It blends a classical form with
modern features.  High volumes of glass allow
Lake viewing.  The house, cars, and outdoor
dining spaces sit on a sculpted pedestal.
We do 3D animations such as
the one shown above of a Lake
House on a hilltop at Lake
Martin near Dadeville, Alabama.
Alabama Architect & Land Surveyor
U.S. Army Aviation Museum
Ft. Rucker, Alabama
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